New Clotheslines

Hills Northside Clotheslines is the authorised supplier and installer north of Sydney Harbour. We supply and install the full range of Hills Clotheslines and can also customise a clothesline to suit your area or needs. Most of the Hills Clotheslines range come with a 10 year warranty which will give you peace of mind. We will remove your old clothesline at a minimum cost. Most popular models are, Heritage galvanised fixed head rotary Folding head rotary (fully removable) Extendable retracting lines Folding frame clotheslines wall mounted or ground mounted.

Install Lines

Hills Northside Clotheslines is the authorised installation service north of Sydney Harbour since 1985. We supply and install all Hills Clotheslines including the old Heritage Galvanised fixed head rotary hoist as well as the modern clotheslines and extendable clotheslines. Including in our installation service we will deliver the new clothesline of your choice, complete the installation and will also remove your old clothesline at a time that suits you. We can also custom fit your new clothesline if you have a awkward site.

Repair & Maintain

We have repaired and maintained, clotheslines north of the Harbour since 1985 specialising in residential, strata properties, rental properties and defence housing. We also specialise in storm damaged clotheslines that become victims from falling tree branches. Most clotheslines can be repaired dating back to the 1950s. We rewire all clotheslines including,

Heritage galvanised wire hoists. (braided galvanised wire)

Folding rotary hoists (pvc coated poly cord)

Folding frame clotheslines (pvc coated poly cord)

Extendable retractable clotheslines (pvc coated poly cord)

All the above rewired at your property at a very reasonable price. We can also repair rotary hoists that will no longer wind up or hard to wind. We also repair and replace worn and rusty parts.